Thursday, March 30, 2006


One Ways
Paper, paint and marker on wood / 6" x 8"

Singin' in the Rain
Paper, paint and marker on wood / 6" x 8"

Pillows for Clouds
Paper, paint and marker on wood / 6" x 8"

Welcome to the Circus
Paint on transparencies

How to Make Things Beautiful
Ribbon, fake flowers and public spaces

This is simply trying to make everyday things beautiful by dressing them up in silly ways.

Stand on Target and Look Up
Chalk on sidewalk and passersby

I drew a target outside of my apartment and attempted to get the attention of passersby. To get them to look up, I either used a sign to instruct them to "Stand on target and look up" or I simply called to them out my window. These photos document the unusual reactions from people during this experiment.


Lost and Found book
4" x 6" / 100 pages

This book is the end result of a public experiment called Lost and Found. This experiment involved leaving 88 handmade 8" x 9" wood blocks all over the city of San Francisco. Each wood block contained one photo transfer image and either the word "lost" or "found." On the back was written "Take it or leave it. If you want to talk about this piece, meet me in Washington Square Park..." A specific time and date was also included. The book documents the places that I left the wood blocks, as well as the experience of meeting people to discuss the work.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Art School Made Me Do This